Zealous Development

We’re a passionate, persistent bunch, dedicated to build up the community’s faith in us. Digit is not a short-term project meant for money-grabbing. Digit is an investment in future!

Trustworthy & Transparent

Our plan regarding the destination of the DSF funds are clear, and we will provide transparency regarding our deals. It is important to us win over the trust of all cryptocurrency users.

A Paradigm Shift

Digit introduces many new & inventive ideas to the cryptocurrency market, mainly considering mining and staking. For further information, please have a look at the In-Depth page.

Download the Wallet!

Download the Windows wallet. This installs Digit in the selected location, creates the Digit appdata folder and places premade Digit.conf in it. In addition, it creates appdata shortcut in to installation folder. The wallet it ready to run after installation. Wallets for the other OS' available on the Downloads page.
Download Wallet

Latest News

Digit has been dug into!

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